Changes in FlameRobin 0.2.0 ALPHA

New features:

- Brand new Backup/Restore dialogs that work in background, let you suppress the output messages and store their settings among invocations. Plus, the output messages can be copied to the clipboard.
- Many dialogs have been redesigned and now feature a cleaner GUI.
- "Show value" and "Show all values" context menu commands implemented for generators.
- Exceptions are now shown in the tree view and have Create/Drop menu commands and a property page.
- Property pages for triggers, table constraints, dependencies (all objects), generators were added. Plus, a special empty property page now appears for not yet supported object types, instead of an error message.
- Ability to view/add/drop table constraints.
- Reconnect menu command for databases will physically disconnect and reconnect a database in one shot.
- "Create new" and "Drop" commands added for external functions.
- New MacOS X port.

Enhancements and Bug fixes:

- When new objects are added to the database through a "CREATE" DDL statement, they are inserted in the right place in the tree view, instead of at the end of the lists.
- The tree view shows primary key table fields with a different icon.
- It is now possible to edit triggers.
- User-defined domain names appear together with column datatypes in the property pages.
- Improved startup speed.
- config.ini entry "FrameStorage=1" now works for all frames and dialogs (it only stores size - not position - for dialogs).
- New multi-format program icon that looks OK at all sizes (16x16, 32x32, 48x48 and 128x128).
- In the SQL Window you can press Ctrl + "+" and Ctrl + "-" to increase and decrease the font size. The setting is remembered across sessions of FlameRobin.
- In the Server Registration dialog the controls are now read-only if any database is connected.
- New program icon.
- Assorted bug fixes.

Known issues:

- If you modify the connection credentials (username and password) of a registered database, the new credentials will not be used until you restart FlameRobin.





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