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Hi all,

We have finally put all code together (and also added some features). For a change, There is build for Linux and Windows (binary this time):

- linux download:


- windows download:


It is a Linux/Windows binary and source code. I'd like all of you who have Linux/Windows to try it out, and tell me if does it work or not .

If you wish, you can build it with wxWidgets 2.4.2 and IBPP or higher. Just edit the makefile to set the path for IBPP.

New stuff:

* visual tree gets full when you connect
* ability to disconnect
* context menus either work or tell it's not implemented, so feel free to try any option.
* loading of columns and stored proc. parameters
* things list "select * from ...", "select column_list from ...", "insert into table..."
* DROP option for almost all objects
* starting of the sql parser (so far: CREATE and DROP statements work)
(for example: when you type CREATE TABLE xyz and commit the transaction the table xyz will be added to DBH (and shown everywhere))
* bugfixes

Here are the linux and windows release threads (feedback)